How We Made Sure Jami Knew We Were Always There

“I started with Freda a year before I even asked them to help me. They continually sent me MLS listings even though I had not yet chosen them as a realtor. They were really sweet about giving me information. So, when it finally became time for me to buy my condo Matt sat down with me and explained everything and what would happen and there wasn’t high pressure. Then I went ahead and asked them to be my realtor and I got Tara and I loved the whole experience. They were great! Anytime I wanted to see a place my real estate agent made sure that I saw it as fast as possible. At the time I was looking for condos. They were going really, really fast, like I would get there and I would put in an offer and then all of a sudden it would be gone. She (Tara) came before school when she would be dropping her kids off, she was there all the time and she always called back whenever I needed her. I would say it was the fact that they were really timely on everything.”

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